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Let’s Elope
  • 9, Sep 2017

Let’s Elope

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Will you marry me? Let’s Elope

The most memorable thing you can say to your partner is “Will you marry me?”.

You are on one knee, you are holding a ring box, you’re nervous and after your inspirational speech, you pop the question, with tears of excitement, she says YES!

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You are now engaged!

Now what?

It’s time to break the news of your engagement to your friends and family. But more importantly, it is time to plan your wedding.

Easier said than done, soon you realize that planning a wedding is no easy task. It involves endless details.

The Wedding Planning List

  • Budgeting
  • Picking your wedding party
  • Creating a guest list
  • Hiring a wedding planner
  • Reserving your wedding date
  • Choosing a wedding venue
  • Researching photographers, bands, florist, and caterers
  • Throwing an engagement party
  • Hiring a photographer and a videographer
  • Book the entertainment
  • Meet caterers
  • Purchase wedding gown
  • Reserve hotel room for out-of-town guest
  • Select and purchase invitations
  • Plan the honeymoon
  • Shop for bridesmaids dresses
  • Send save-the-date cards
  • Book florist
  • Arrange transportation
  • Purchase wedding invitations
  • Order a cake
  • Purchase wedding shoes
  • Hire a seamstress for wedding gown alterations
  • Hire a bridal makeup artist and wedding hair stylist
  • Choose your music
  • Finalize food menu
  • Order flowers
  • Create list of people that will be giving toasts
  • Purchase your undergarments
  • Finalize ceremony details and reception
  • Purchase the rings
  • Send schedule to vendors
  • Send out the invitations
  • Submit wedding announcements to local newspaper
  • Enjoy bachelor and bachelorette party
  • Get your marriage license
  • Send as many final payments as possible
  • Assign seating
  • Pick up your wedding dress
  • Get hair cut and colored done
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Get married.


We probably forgot a couple dozens of a small task, but for the most part, this is a good wedding planning list.

But if you’ve been to a wedding in the last couples of years, you’ve probably realized they spent a small fortune, you were probably right.

More than 2 million people get married each year and depending on where you get married the cost of your wedding could be significantly high.

The national average for a wedding is $29,858.

  • Central California $24,960
  • Los Angeles $36,890
  • Orange County $36,745
  • Sacramento $36,990
  • San Diego $37,599
  • Santa Barbara $47,252
  • San Francico Bay Area $39,474

It’s eloping a good idea? Let’s see.

  1. The cost, you could save thousands of dollars.
  2. The stress, there’s not going to be an inner Bridezilla breaking out.
  3. Save the environment, a small and intimate wedding creates less waste.
  4. You could avoid friction between religious or cultural backgrounds.
  5. When you choose to elope you are focusing on the marriage.
  6. Destination options, since you are saving thousands to can choose to elope and get married anywhere in the world, for example; Paris.
  7. Most elopement packages can accommodate 2-25 people guest, giving the ability to invite only the nearest and dearest of your friends or family.
Wedding On A Budget
  • 15, Aug 2015

Wedding On A Budget

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Wedding On A Budget – Save Thousands on Your Wedding.

  1. Hold your ceremony and your reception in the same place.
  2. Cut down on the guess list. Only invite very close friends and immediate family members.
  3. Find a venue, like a public space, a parks or rent a vacation home, an aquarium, a zoo, a gallery or historical site, the fees are less expensive than a wedding hall.
  4. Don’t give your guess any party favors. These gifts will get left behind or thrown away.
  5. Have your wedding Friday or Sunday, you will usually get a discount but if you want to save even more have your wedding Monday through Thursday. An afternoon wedding will cost less than an evening one.
  6. Your friend and family have talents, use them. Most of use have a friend that is a great makeup artist, a hair dresser, a photographer or a family member that bakes amazing cakes. What a way to get friends and family involve in your wedding.
  7. Rent your wedding dress. Grooms rent their tuxedos, you can rent your dress and save a ton of money.
  8. Don’t have a cake. Consider having a desserts-only reception.
  9. Order your food from a restaurant, many restaurant will accommodate your request at a fair price.
  10. You can always buy flowers wholesale in a local market, and pay a florist to do a simple centerpiece.
Wedding Trends
  • 15, Oct 2014

Wedding Trends

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Wedding Trends and Wedding Ideas

Wedding Trends come and go, but let’s face it, we all love to know what’s trending. And unless you have the time to spend going through wedding magazines, it’s difficult to know what is trending in the bridal industry.

Here are some exciting trends!

Casual Weddings

Wedding are becoming more and more relaxed, less traditional and more casual. Couples a choosing romantic and beautiful outdoor weddings, instead of the more traditional indoor weddings.

 Man of Honor

Many brides are choosing to have a “man of honor” instead of the typical maid or matron of honor.

Cake Cutting

Couples are choosing to opt-out from the traditional cake cutting, instead they using alternative desserts like cookie tables, elaborate candy bars and buttered milk & cookies.

 Party Dance

More guys are embracing the traditional party dance, groomsmen are coordinating some impressive dance moves, as they put a show for the bride and guests.

Live Streaming

When a love one can’t attend your wedding, far-away can still celebrate your wedding through Live Stream.

Simple Elegance

More brides are planning a destination wedding or non-traditional wedding, so many brides and grooms are discovering casual elegance. Less is definetly more. And for some, informal means stripping the wedding of all the bells and whistles in favor simple elegance.

Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day
  • 14, Feb 2012

Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

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Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Valentine’s Day is one of America’s most romantic day.

Millions of American’s celebrate it by sending greeting cards, flowers, chocolate, jewelry and other presents.

But for you it’s more than just a fancy dinner, flowers, and chocolate. It’s about your relationship, and the deep connection you have for your soon-to-be-spouse. For months you have been considering of the perfect marriage proposal, you have been thinking of ways to ask those four little words “Will you marry me?”. For most of us this could be challenging, even for guys who are romantic on an everyday basis. Popping the questions, is not as easy as you think. You probably want a BIG proposal, something she’ll never forget. Oh man, that’s a lot of pressure.

Assuming you have your diamond engagement ring, it’s time for your big moment – the proposal.

1. Don’t over plan, keep it simply, and do not go overboard, you do not need limo’s, helicopters, guitarists, mariachis, or jugglers. Instead, pick a personal and special spot. Where did you meet? is there a place you both dreamed about going? What ever spot you choose, create an intimate moment.

2. Surprise her, a lot of women expect a proposal on Valentine’s Day. But don’t propose at an expected time, don’t have the waiter bring your ring out on a tray. Instead throw her off by proposing before for dinner or after dinner, keep in mind most women prefer an intimate and personal moment with you alone.

3. Celebrate, if your going to have dinner at a restaurant, call ahead and setup a bottle of champagne. Or invite her family or your friends for drinks to celebrate, make this amazing moment memorable.

Ready to take this next big step? Happy Valentine’s Day!