Custom Wedding Ceremony

Custom Wedding Ceremony

Customize Your Very Own Wedding Ceremony and Bring Your Vision to Fruition

If you could have the wedding that you have dreamed of from childhood, wouldn’t you want the best professionals on your side?

We are here to help you from the décor and theme to the music and settings for your custom wedding ceremony. Our wedding officiants in Bakersfield CA have a passion for customized weddings and will start by getting to know your style and personality. We hope to recreate those dreams and leave you feeling in awe on your magical day.

Impeccably Designed and Executed

Because we understand the importance of a wedding ceremony, we put our heart and soul into designing, planning, and executing your event.

Collaboration for Successful Weddings

At Enlace Ceremonies, we believe in fully custom weddings representing your personalities, backgrounds, and best represent your relationship.

Consult with us for a custom wedding ceremony that you and your guests are sure to fall in love with!

Custom wedding, groom holding cake

Custom Wedding Ceremony

Allow your personality to shine through with our Custom Wedding Ceremony.

  • Your wedding officiant
  • Complimentary initial consultation.
  • Ceremony-writing meeting.
  • Unlimited telephone and email consultations.
  • Individually-written ceremony composed of choices from Enlace Ceremonies.
  • Personalized written scripts of ceremony.
  • Choice of Enlace Ceremonies Wedding Chapel or Vineyard. Filing of a marriage license.
  • Arrival of officiant 30 minutes prior to ceremony.
  • Performing of ceremony by one of our professional wedding officiants.
  • Filing of marriage license.