Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends come and go, but let’s face it, we all love to know what’s trending. And unless you have the time to spend going through wedding magazines, it’s difficult to know what is trending in the bridal industry.

Here are some exciting trends!

Casual Weddings

Wedding are becoming more and more relaxed, less traditional and more casual. Couples a choosing romantic and beautiful outdoor weddings, instead of the more traditional indoor weddings.

Man of Honor

Many brides are choosing to have a “man of honor” instead of the typical maid or matron of honor.

Cake Cutting

Couples are choosing to opt-out from the traditional cake cutting, instead they using alternative desserts like cookie tables, elaborate candy bars and buttered milk & cookies.

Party Dance

More guys are embracing the traditional party dance, groomsmen are coordinating some impressive dance moves, as they put a show for the bride and guests.

Live Streaming

When a love one can’t attend your wedding, far-away can still celebrate your wedding through Live Stream.

Simple Elegance

More brides are planning a destination wedding or non-traditional wedding, so many brides and grooms are discovering casual elegance. Less is definitely more. And for some, informal means stripping the wedding of all the bells and whistles in favor simple elegance.